Layers:Single-sided, double-sided and 4 layers
Material: Imported aluminum, Imported copper, Domestic aluminum, Domestic copper
Board classification: Aluminum base board, Copper base board, Iron base board, Ceramic base board, Combined base board
Product description: Aluminum base copper-clad laminate have excellent flame retardant, high mechanical strength, dimensional stability etc. Especially it has very good heat sink, electromagnetic shielding and solder float

Content Capability
Board classification Aluminum base board, Copper base board,Iron base board ,Ceramic base board, Combined base board
Material Imported aluminum ,Imported copper, Demostic aluminum, Demostic copper
Surface treatment HASL,Chemical Tin,ENIG(Immersion GOLD),OSP,IMT,Plating silver
Layer Single-sided,double-sided and 4 layers
Maxi. board size 1200mmX480mm
Min.board size 5mmX5mm
Line width/space 0.1mm/ 0.1mm
Warp and twist <=0.5%(thickness :1.6mm ,Board size: 300mmX300mm)
Board thickness 0.3mm-4.5mm
Copper foil thickness 35um/70um/105um/140um
Outline? Tolerance CNC routing:+/-0.1mm , Punching: +/-0.1mm
V-CUT registration +/-0.15mm
Hole wall copper thickness 20um-25um
Min. registration of hole position +/-3mil(+/-0.76mm)
Min.punching hole 1.0mm(Board thickness below 1.0mm .)
Min.Punching Square slot (Board thickness below 1.0mm, 1.0mmX1.0mm)
Registration of printed circuit +/-0.076mm
Min.drill hole diameter 0.6mm
Thickness of surface treatment Plating Gold:(Ni4um-6um ,Au 0.1um-0.5um),
Immersion GOLD:(Ni 5um-6um,Au:0.0254um-0.127um)
Plating Silver:(Ag 5um-8um),??HASL:10um-100um
V-CUT degree tolerance +/-5(degree)
V-CUT Board thickness 0.6mm-3.2mm
Min.Legend width 0.15mm
Min.Solder mask opening 0.1mm